Indisciplinarte (IT)

Indisciplinarte is an organization active in creative production and project management since 2006 currently based in Terni, Italy. We believe in arts and culture as a driving force for local growth and we support and promote creativity as an asset for economical and social development.

Since 2006 Indisciplinarte runs Terni International performing arts festival, an interdisciplinary 2 weeks festival that takes place every year in the second half of September: it is a crucial place for exchange and dissemination for italian and international artists and supports young artists as well by promoting exchanges, mobility and residency generating cross pollination effect and chance of new encounters. This cross boundary approach is also in the selection of bold and radical art forms aimed to overcome and reshape genres and to challenge audiences and locals by engagement and active spectatorship: since 10 years tern festival has been working with community projects and site specific works regainĀ  arts and locality in order to promote change and new identity of a city in transition.

Since 2009 Indisciplinarte runs CAOS cultural centre enacting and exploiting the same mission: CAOS is a 6000 squared meters cultural venue based in a former factory that includes 2 museums, spaces for temporary exhibition, ateliers and studio for artistic research and residencies, an educational room, a cinema, a black box studio, a 300 seats theatre and a cafe open till night.

CAOS is a place to foster arts fruition and production, it embodies the city transition from an industrial past to a possible future to be envisioned in collaboration with locals reshaping profile and identity of the city, from public space and its economy to value system and social identity.

CAOS has been a playground to nurture our mission, to sharpen our tools and to strength our connection with the city, always bridging locality and a wider horizon thanks to the international networking and european projects we have been engaged in as Miniatures Officinae, Dance Moves cities and NOW.

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