rope ROUND
May 2017 – N.O.W Session in Florence, Italy, organised and hosted by Festival Fabbrica Europa Public presentation : Lab2 project : Half a House  Lab3 project : Rope    Image © Ief Spincemaille

Florence [May 2017]

March 3rd to 5th 2017 – Saint-Erme, France N.O.W Session organised by extrapole, hosted by PAF Performing arts Forum The session program involved : Work session on LAB2 “Half a House” project Work session on LAB1 with Danae Theodoridou   >>> PDF REPORT OF THE SESSION [restricted access]

St-Erme [March 2017]

October 22nd & 23rd 2016 – Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy N.O.W Session organised by Indisciplinarte, in collaboration with Teatro Massimo – Sardegna Teatro The session program involved : Meeting with the staff of Teatro Massimo, brief introduction on the venue and the environment Working session on Lab 1 with Danae Theodoridou Working […]

Cagliari [Oct. 2016]

August 28 to 30 2016 – Reykjavik & Rifi, Iceland NOW session organised by LÓKAL, in the framework of Everybody’s Spectacular – Reykjavik international performance festival, co-produced by RDF Reykjavik Dance Festival and LÓKAL The session program involved: work sessions between the partners and with the artistic teams involved in N.O.W (LAB2), in collaboration with Danae Theodoridou meetings with […]

Iceland [Aug. 2016]

Ief S. dispersion-copy_670
June 6&7 2016- Lille, France NOW session organised by Latitudes contemporaines  in the framework of Latitudes Contemporaines festival   The program of the session involved : Work meeting between the partners and Ief Spincemaille (selected for Current utopia artistic commission) Tripostal – Exhibition visit in the frame of “Transphotographiques” festival a public meeting : debate on Culture […]

Lille #2 [Jun. 2016]

wpZ 2015-09 katie & benjamin
April 25 to 27 2016 – Antwerp, Belgium NOW session organised by wpZimmer   The session programme involved: work sessions with the artistic teams involved in N.O.W (LAB2), in collaboration with Danae Theodoridou work sessions to select the artist for Current Utopia      >>> PDF REPORT OF THE SESSION [restricted access]   [ Post image ©Kathryn […]

Antwerp [Apr. 2016]

November 1&2 2015 – Budapest, Hungary NOW session organised by Trafo   Lecturers lecture #1 – given by Trafo communication team lecture #2 – given by Laszlo Z. Karvalics – professor, University of Szeged, Faculty of Arts: social changes, alteration of perception of arts, etc lecture #3 – given by Eszter Gyárfás Proton […]

Budapest [Nov. 15]

September 17 to 20 2015 : Terni, Italy NOW session organised by Indisciplinarte in the framework of Terni festival   MEETINGS: Prof Giulio Lughi  from the University of Turin, presenting Invisibilia, a digital platform aimed to create maps to discover emotions and notions linked to artistic products/experiences – Lilia Haralampieva creative director of BEPART, […]

Terni [Sept. 2015]

June 16 to 17 2015- Lille, France NOW session organised by Latitudes Contemporaines in the framework of Latitudes Contemporaines festival   In addition to work sessions between the partners, the program of the session involved: a meeting with Stéphane Gornikowski – La Générale d’imaginaire – a guided tour with a researcher at […]

Lille #1 [Jun. 2015]