Working axes


4 experimental laboratories are the working axes which structure the project and shape the activities.

13 travelling working sessions will be implemented throughout the 3-years project.


> LAB #1 – A forward looking collaborative space

Our partnership is a solid, experientially rich group of different practice areas. We are running a cross-analysis of our working methods. We wish to draw up a survey and then analyse our practices to identify the new needs and strengthen skills among support structures and artists facing sectoral change.

> LAB #2 – A toolkit for network support

Confronted by resource diversification and the variety of artist journeys, we need to think up and test new methods of support. This workshop points towards practical case studies and focus on the strategic development of projects and artist journeys. A territorial analysis of aesthetics, an estimation of market potential and possible cooperative tools will allow us to study and put in place project strategies linked to artistic formats and precise geographical areas. In this context it is essential to network the support systems and actors and that they, in turn, mobilise their own networks >> Artistic teams involved in LAB #2

> LAB #3 – Innovative production tools: the commission

Commissioning is an ancient historical practice. It covers a huge range of practices from many different disciplines and brings together a number of issues linked to processes and work schedules, the context and the conditions for work and their influences on artistic content. We believe that the performing arts should explore new commissioning frameworks, such as that launched by the Fondation de France and its “New Commissioners” programme. In this initiative, the arts, conceived of as experience , is set at the service of civil society. This experimentation around commissioning will seek answers in terms of the role of each of the participants in the collaborative process and calls into question the strategic role of mediation and its role to stimulate debate and manage non-consensus.

> LAB #4 – Innovative mediation tools

In this programme we are seeking to give value to the craft dimension of artistic work, its collective nature, the hard work involved and the investment required (often, over a life time… ). We think of mediation as a central tool to develop publics and create a future relationship with audiences. We want to engage with the reduced space for mediation of the work (both physical and virtual) as a tool to develop our publics. In order to escape the limited promotional and journalistic space – limited to presenting performances – we have to build in a research dimension, to produce demanding and playful content around creation and its rollout. To do so it is essential to cooperate with researchers in the area of digital content and platforms.