Brussels [Jan. 15]

January 28 to 31 2015 – Brussels, Belgium

Session organised by WP Zimmer with the support of the VTI



Pascal GIELEN – Rijksuniversiteit – Groningen, NL – Conditions for Flourishing Artistic Biotopes in the City / Reconstituting artistic autonomy

Christophe MEIERHANS – Artist, SOTA – State of the arts, Belgium

Louis VOLONT – SMART BE – Sociologist – Research project: Sustainable creativity: towards new tools for creative professionals

Ingrid VRANKEN – SPIN – Taking Time

Joris JANSSENS – Flanders Art Institute / Kunstenpunt, Belgium – Experiences with graphic mapping

Danae THEODORIDOU– Rijksuniversiteit – Groningen, NL – How to do things with artistic research: Setting up conditions for encounters and exchange

Tom ENGELS – SARMA, Belgium – An introduction to Oral Site

Gaetan DARTEVELLE – Greenloop – Tools for innovation and resilience


>>> PDF REPORT OF THE SESSION [restricted access]



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