Half a House

what is the house telling you
How to build (half) a house? How to ask a question? How to start? Why is a chair placed by the ceiling? or: How to occupy space? How to meet? How to live (together)? How to co-work? How to care / How to share? How to learn? How to move […]

Reporting in questions – by Danae Theodoridou

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  Teatroecritica.net 09/05/2017 – Artisti e curatori. Una coabitazione possibile?   La Rivista Culturale 13/05/2017 – L’agire dell’arte: mettiamo l’antropologia di Alfred Gell dentro Half a House     Contro Radio Live – 11/05/2017 – Radio interview with Silvia Giordano (Fondazione Fabbrica Europa)    

Interviews & reviews

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Half a House was inhabited by: The five artists who initiated the concept Leonardo Delogu (IT), Brogan Davison (UK) & Pétur Ármannsson (IS) – Dance For Me, Sonia Gómez (ES),  Gosie Vervloessem (BE) Two space designers Maël Veisse & Naomi Kerkhove Ten artists and curators (guests selected through Half a House open call) Fabio Ciaravella, Claudio Beorchia, Margherita Isola, Greta Francolini, Anna […]

Half a House – Inhabitants

May 10, 2017 – May 14, 2017 Palazzina Ex Fabbri Firenze | IT SCHEDULE Wed, May 10 DAY ONE_HOSPITALITY on the idea of threshold, on welcoming, on the boundaries in and out 17:00 – Vernissage and cocktail 18:00 – Collective walking to Stazione Leopolda Thu, May 11 DAY TWO_FRAGILITY on […]

Half a House – Schedule – Fabbrica Europa, Firenze (IT)

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Half a House is a 5 day project initiated by the artists  Sonia Gómez (ES), Leonardo Delogu (IT), Brogan Davison (UK), Gosie Vervloessem (BE) and Pétur Ármannsson (IS) as part of the European project N.O.W. New Open Working process for the performing arts, Half a House took place in Florence from […]

Half a House – About

Ten artists and curators were invited to co-habitate in Half a House with N.O.W artists and partners. Fabio Ciaravella, Claudio Beorchia, Margherita Isola, Greta Francolini, Anna Marocco, Justin Randolph Thompson, Laura Perrone, Giulia Dellavalle, Elisa Decet, Chiara Orefice were selected through the process of the following open call.   Open call for HALF A HOUSE Summary Half a House is a […]

Half a House – Open call (closed)