Half a House – Schedule – Fabbrica Europa, Firenze (IT)

May 10, 2017 – May 14, 2017


Wed, May 10
on the idea of threshold, on welcoming, on the boundaries in and out

17:00 – Vernissage and cocktail
18:00 – Collective walking to Stazione Leopolda

Thu, May 11
on invisible forces, contamination and collective movements that affect our actions, on the fragility of the self and the illusion of control

16:00 – Open House: games, explorations, experiences
How can you separate a space without dividing it?

17:30 – Knocking at the door_Renaud Loda, artist and geobiologist
18:30 – Cocktail
19:00 – Presentation_Sonia Gomez, Bailarina

Fri, May 12
on domestic spaces and the cultural idea of ‘home’ connected to the domus conception and to safeness: from intimacy in a wide sense, from physical matter to emotional proximity, matching nomadism and settlement

16:00 – Open House: games, explorations, experiences
How can we make our homepermeable to forces of the surrounding landscape?

17:30 – Knocking at the door_Matteo Meschiari, anthropologist
18:30 – Cocktail
19:00 – Presentation_Leonardo Delogu, L’uomo che cammina

Sat, May 13

16:00 – Open House: cardboard workshop for kids
How can you be productive and fragile at the same time?

17:30 – Knocking at the door_Richard Ingersoll, architecture historian
18:30 – Cocktail
19:00 – Presentation_Gosie Vervloessem, Recipes for disaster

Sun, May 14
On vulnerability, from body membranes to emotions exposure, on how edgy the boundary between public and private is nowaday

16:00 – Open House: games, explorations, experiences
Can openness be a force for navigating in a moment of drastic changes?

17:30 – Knocking at the door_Andrea Staid, anthropologist
18:30 – Cocktail
19:00 – Presentation_ Brogan Davison & Pétur Ármannsson, The Brogan Davison Show


image : © Naomi Kerkhove

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