Rope [Current Utopia]

Rope was hand-braided by a team of five prisoners in Leuven Central Prison, Belgium. Spincemaille created a braiding machine that allowed the prisoners to brace the rope simply. Due to their permanent presence in the process, they became experts in the braiding of this structure. Their skills and knowledge were […]

Diary #3 – Manufacturing the Rope – April 2017

WATER, TOURISTS AND AN ISLAND During the trip in Firenze, three main possibilities arose. Depending on what will be practically possible with the Rope and what will be artistically correct, we will decide in January/February which possibilities will be further developed and in which combination or order. This is what […]

Diary #2 – Exploring Firenze – September 2016

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-26 om 09.17.04
A rope 120 m long and 25 cm in diameter. These were the figures. In files and meetings. There is no gravity in the pronouncement of figures. I might as well have said 1 km and 200 cm! As non-existent the weight of these words, so heavy and unrealistic this […]

Diary #1 – Rope braiding techniques – July 2016

Ief Spincemaille (1976) obtained his master in Philosophy at the university of Leuven and studied Jazz, modern music and music and technology at L’aula de musica, Barcelona. After finishing his studies he made his first work as an autodidact in 2006: Is the great bear a lonely bear. Since then […]

Ief Spincemaille

Note by Ief Spincemaille on ROPE : ” ROPE is a spatial intervention creating poetical spaces. It’s 100 meters long and 25 cm wide. It consists of an outer shell similar to the ropes used on offshore drilling platforms, only its core is different, its filled with foam to keep […]

ROPE – Possibilities of binding

The selection process of the commission programme took place as follows : A commission call was sent to 17 artists in November 2015 Round 1 – We received 15 proposals and pre-selected 6 artists to take part in the second round of the call : Agnes Mateus / Quim Tarrida (ES) Collective XXY (FR) Ief […]

Current Utopia – Selection process

We are not in balance. Not in agreement as migrating birds are. Late and overtaken, we hurriedly try to catch the wind and fall into a random swamp. (Rainer Marie Rilke) Among Romans, birds and storms brought signs of change. Are we able, in our current situation to navigate the landscape as we […]

Current Utopia – Commission call