Olot [Apr.2015]

April 23 to 26 2015 – Olot, Spain (Sismograph)

NOW session organised by Mom- ELVIVERO with the support of Hiroshima

in the framework of Sismograph festival

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>>> PDF REPORT OF THE SESSION [restricted access]




> HIROSHIMA _ BARCELONA  – www.hiroshima.cat

Hiroshima is a new independent space dedicated to the exhibition of the performing arts, live music and contemporary thinking. Its artistic project focuses on contemporary scenes: the new languages, technologies applied to the scene, dance and new circus.

Hiroshima pretends to give visibility to emerging artists who investigate in this direction with a high level of risk and commitment; also works with already established creators looking to explore new territories in new scenarios.

Hiroshima commitment to bring the city international companies and artists with pieces of small and medium format, expanding the prospects for its artistic project.

Hiroshima proposed a meeting point for the public, overcoming the inbreeding of the performing arts sector by the versatility of its  architecture.


> KONVENT _ CAN ROSAL www.konventzero.com

Konvent is an old nineteenth century building in which a new discourse regarding art has been generated.

It is a placed visited by thousands of people of all ages. The idea of art galleries has been twisted.

Its art formula is given by the initial disagreement towards established cultural policies and little basic cultural criterion. Not only in our environment but where our language can cover.

Proposals carried out converge in multidisciplinary fields , always showing artist discourses and concerns. Quality and wild sybaritism.

Projects from artists around the whole world are carried out at Konvent.  Our funds are out of institutions or public establishments. Thus we enjoy absolute freedom.

Thanks to the project , the building has been preserved and at the same time it has been used as a driving force of artistic creation. Likewise , the art festival that has been held since 2004 has a wide media coverage. Proposals from both established and emerging artists are shown. There is a place for free expression and research.


> LEAL.LAV / Leal Theatres Live Arts Lab _ TENERIFE – www.leal-lav.com

LEAL.LAV is the Leal Theatre’s Live Arts Lab in La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands).

Conscious of the need to take advantage to the maximum of the resources in times of crisis and with the aim to prepare the land and to stimulate the knowledge and culture in La Laguna, LEAL.LAV bets for quality training for contemporary performing arts professionals; for the exhibition of vanguard plays in commitment with the research of new performatic languages; for mediation through artists meetings and shared practices; for the creation of synergies with other education and creation spaces.

Today –an after three years- LEAL.LAV represents the force and fragility of spanish cultural politics (an oxymoron), being at the same time a regional and national exponent of care and commitment with artists, projects, public funds and citizens –on one hand- and a weak-one- person draft seen from the administration as an insignificant and unprofitable investment that depends on the political colour changes. The contradiction of care context in the middle of an uncaring context.

Ultraperiferic bonds in the spanish air.

A lab-space into the city theatre, dependent on Autonomous Organism of Musical Activities (OAAM, La Laguna City Hall) oriented to meeting, thinking, reviewing, linking, germing, researching, spreading, production and education around contemporary performing arts culture. A live space transcending the conventional structure from the affection, connecting social, professional, educational, economic and cultural realities under an aesthetic, programmatic, artistic and coherent management framework in its contradictions.


> AMPHITRYON – www.azkunazentroa.com

Amphitryon is a project (with shared curatorship) betweenAzkuna Zentroa, companies and collectives located in the Basque Country: Horman Poster, Olatz de Andrés, Helena Golab, and Ruemaniak-Sra. Polaroiska.

Amphitryon presents dance, theatre and performance proposals, that work with contemporary language and formats, basing their code on up-to-date content and reflecting the health of non-conventional multi-discipline Basque and international contemporary creativity.



The Teatre Principal d’Olot has a stable professional, structured seasons from september to june, which includes theatre, dance, music and circus. The Teatre Principal also programs LAP, innovative and experimental proposals, which are presented with some public on stage.

Besides, there are different educational projects related to scenic arts and music. In addition there are different shows of theatre, dance and music which are presented to school and family public.

Sismògraf Festival was born 6 years ago with the commitment of joining in a series of events the dance proposals instead of delivering it through the theatre programme, to make it more comprehensive and attractive to the public. The festival booted up with help from european project called Ciutats 3.0, but more entirely thanks to 2 factors: 1st class material, build by good dancers and professional choreographers as well as amateurs in dance schools. And a very receptive public like interested citizens for stage arts that have discovered dance doesn´t frighten anybody, that isn’t strange or incomprehensive but instead stimulates and thrills.

Since it followed several Sismògrafs, we could detect the movement produced around dance in and out of our country, for example  places in Parc Nou or at barri vell, with big and little dance companies in the theatre. It is in this actual moment where the city´s bet and support from El Mercat de les Flors and professional dance associations has been coordinated in the strategy festival maps for stage arts that the Generalitat energizes. So that´s how from this day on, Sismògraf would become the meeting point of creators, public and professionals of dance in our country in the same way Trapezi de Reus is for circus or FiraTàrrega is for street arts.

The new 2015 Sismògraf wants to be the epicenter of dance in Catalunya, with a double slope: wants to be a market and a party of dance. From one side the interaction of professionals and creators has to allow the dance to expand and let it have more presence in cultural programmes in the cities and lives of their inhabitants. From the other side, this city has to offer the public that these 3 days in Olot are going to be an opportunity to let oneself been shaken by shows of all types and formats, not as mere spectators but as a participative manner.



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