wpZimmer (BE)

wpZimmer is an (inter)national residency space in Antwerp for performing artists with a focus on dance, performance and hybrid artistic practices. Their development, need for research and desire to create their work are the driving force for our organization. wpZimmer shares its infrastructure with other small organizations and is developing into a vibrant collective workspace that is characterized by multiple artistic activity. We aim for a healthy balance between our local base and our international scope. Through an open residency program, we support a wide range of varying artists. With some artists we step into a sustainable long-term collaboration that ultimately aims for an autonomous place in the artistic landscape. Whether we mee artists briefly, wether we provide them a temporary workspace or a sustainable home base: our approach is always flexible and tailor-made . We work as a delicate web between the artist and the professional field and we bet on exchange and the sharing of contacts, knowledge and experience.

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