N.O.W. Partners

Eight organisations, spanning an east-west and north south axis, and a mix of independent agencies, festivals, residency and performance spaces, have come together for this project, linking to researchers from interdisciplinary scientific communities and complementary fields of action.


All professionals working in diverse but equally complex European geopolitical contexts,  we all support and accompany artists along their journeys, the development of their work and its presentation. We work in and from Europe and on the international stage. We are all involved, directly or indirectly, in the definition, development and presentation of work.

We are living through an “in-between” time: between the old model of society that no longer responds to the current needs and a new one that has still to be defined. Meanwhile our European infrastructures are not just looking to adapt but to reinvent themselves. Confronted by the European crisis, and fully intent on negotiating this transition, we have decided to come together and to federate in order to evolve our practices and our skills.

All the partners are taking on board a distinct European responsibility that reflects the scope of their work and contemporary artistic production in order to answer the following question – what are the conditions needed for European artistic life in a global framework? What might an artist’s journey look like in a larger, globalised, endlessly changing Europe? What does it mean, now and in the future, to “accompany” an artist and their work and support its communication to the widest possible audience?

Culture and art cannot escape the current European crisis nor the globalisation of the art market. But in spite of the difficulties, we see an opportunity here. As players and citizens in the troubled European project we have to think horizontally, build energetic partnerships and forge strategic links to the relevant operators.

In addition to the 8 main partners, N.O.W. involves several individuals and organisations >>> Associated partners

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