MOM/EL VIVERO management model and coaching artists

In this long period of 25 years we have been working with organizations, national and international festivals that have helped expand our knowledge and have reaffirmed our management style.

We are not a cultural wholesale industry, we are artisans of arts and culture “specialized” in very specific artistic trends. Also in discovering and promoting “emerging artists”.
We are a creative management , we are a documentation file, we are a brand with business ethics.
Our strategy is based on the artist’s relationship with the AGENT.
– The complicity between the artist and the agent. The artist decides and executes the Agent;
– The artist can take the formal and conceptual risks, to find different ways of expression;
– The fidelity and loyalty between the agent – the artist and the artist – agent
and four shares;

Develop the field of live arts;
Promoting the distribution and dissemination of artists and their works nationally and internationally;
Consolidate the artistic heritage with the repertoire of shows;
Transmission, organization of management courses and artistic practices.

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