Leonardo Delogu

Leonardo Delogudirector, performer and researcher on movement and landscape, created in 2012 Camminare nella frana and Piccola scuola nomade, two research projects that merged into the performance King (2013). After this first project he creates with the artist Valerio Sirna DOM-, an artistic project that studies the relation between body and landscape, creating relational and experiential projects and facilitating self-organized housing practices that they translate into performative events, photo reportages, works of street art, walks. In directing L’uomo che cammina their last performance, Delogu and Sirna collaborate with the French dancer Hélène Gautier and the French architect Mael Veisse. Others collaborations for projects in between architecture, landscapes and performance are the French Landscaper Gilles Clement, the collective CoLoCo.

More info on www.casadom.org

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